Mentor Luncheon

The ‘Moves Mentor’ award is in recognition of, and to specifically highlight, the role individual women leaders play in shaping and forming the next generation; the energy, experience and expertise used in mentoring today’s millennials into tomorrow’s executives. Long identified as the most efficient and effective process to nurture and support the individual in realising their potential, data shows that one-on-one mentoring is a symbiotic relationship, advantagious to all parties in that it develops the inter-personal skills of the mentor as well as benefiting the parent organisation in maintaining a skilled, savvy and loyal workforce. A successful mentor is empathetic and understanding but at the same time never loses sight of the value – in fact the necessity – for perspicacity in her every engagement with her mentoree; trust is the most valuable currency in the relationship. She recognises she is an essential guide in the young woman’s self-awareness and invaluable in pointing out opportunities and giving direction.

The ‘Moves Mentor Awards Luncheon’ is part of the Moves Magazine’s event calendar which culminates in the annual Power Women Gala, our year-end celebration of 25 women from all spheres who make a difference. An example and role model for future generations of young women, our nominees lead by example, are accommodating and flexible by nature, yet strong and immovable on points of principle; always determined but always aware of circumstance.