Ojinika Obiekwe

With a career in television that has spanned more than a decade, Ojinika Obiekwe is a Nigerian-born Emmy award-winning journalist who has interviewed people from all walks of life –  from A-list celebrities to politicians to the newsmakers of our time.

A chance encounter brought her to New York’s WPIX-TV/Channel 11 as an intern.Now as the Entertainment/Lifestyle Correspondent for PIX11 News, Ojinika takes center stage interviewing some of Hollywood’s biggest names which include the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Aniston and many more.An experience which she says “can be surreal sometimes – “I knew I wanted to be a journalist, but I never dreamed farther than print journalism; I figured I’d graduate and write for some paper, but luckily fate took it’s course and I ended up here and I honestly couldn’t think of anything I would rather be doing as a career, except being a Victoria’s Secret model (I hear they get free underwear).“The best part of my job, I think is the fact that I’m great at what I do, but I also realized that with this, I can reach so many people and touch many lives, especially women; not just here in the U.S. but also in Nigeria, the entire continent of Africa and hopefully all over the world.

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