Invest in YOU: Networking | Financing | Entrepreneurship

After more than a full year in various stages and degrees of social restriction and  isolation, it is apparent that relying and depending on the safety and security  of our modern society for our happiness and wellbeing – to accept the status quo as solid foundation to build our lives – can be a dangerous state of mind. We have found that nothing (with the exception of one thing) is a given. Circumstances can change and your normal daily life is suddenly beyond recognition. So in amongst the many new realities one sticks out. You have to develop a more robust sense of self-reliance. You must in fact Invest In You. Whatever form that takes – emotional, physical, financial et al – you must establish a game plan that now, from personal experience, you know could be essential for what is just around the next bend in your life. 

What are the external deciding factors – as opposed to personal character traits – that can help: 1) to recognise and 2) to implement change in the most inappropriate, inconvenient and negative influences in your life?

Do you think the forced isolation for many has led to more introspection and subsequent recognition of their need to become more aware of circumstance; and to take actions to make them less liable to become victims of that circumstance?

These extraordinary conditions of lockdown and isolation led many people to question their own norms and society’s mores in even the smallest way, that led them to the robotic state of their old lives. 

Or are they just hankering to get back to their old regimen? Has the pandemic opened up a Pandora’s Box of frightening possibilities that are just too uncomfortable?